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Soothing Mask 15ml

Soothing Mask 15ml


Highly effective calming, and moisturizing mask for sensitive and tired skin with rejuvenating
and firming qualities. It will visibly soothe, hydrate, tone and calm the skin after any treatment.



Apply a thin layer to achieve a deep calming, soothing, healing result. Recommended after
waxing, sun over-exposure (or sunburn), shaving or any other skin aggregating treatments.
Leave on to be absorbed. Re-apply, if needed.

++ Oligogeline™ – Red Algae Extract – moistirizing, firming, soothing, reducing
wrinkles, protects against UV rays, improves absorption of the active ingredients
++ Sea Mayweed – anti‑inflammatory, antiallergic, antioxydating, strengthening skin
blood vessels, soothing, regenerating, calming, relaxing, blocking mimic tension
++ Aloe – regenerating, soothing, nourishing, moisturizing,
reducing wrinkles, restores mineral balance
++ Mg-60 corn syrup – moisturizing, soothing, protecting, smoothing
++ Hyaluronic acid – deeply hydrating, anti‑aging, regenerating
++ Lavender – hydrolate – antiseptic, astringent, soothing, normalizing
sebum, regenerating, protects against UV rays
++ Rosemary – hydrolate – antibacterial and anti‑inflammatory,
protects against UV rays, regenerating, reducing wrinkles
++ Rose – hydrolate – soothing, anti‑inflammatory, refreshing, promotes
blood circulation, moisturizing, normalizing sebum


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