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Slimming Body Mousse 200ml

Slimming Body Mousse 200ml


Outstanding product to finish off any spa session treating cellulite prone skin or after-pregnancy skin. The scientifically advanced formula helps to combat cellulite to get rid of orange-peel skin while improving fat metabolism to reduce its volume for a smoother skin and slimmer silhouette. Soothing to the mind and body it makes the skin soft and delicate. Infused with Vitamin E it has remarkable rejuvenating effects while bringing firmness and comfort to the skin


Directions For Use: At the end of treatment in a professional salon, apply muss to cleansed skin and massage until absorbed in circular movements. You can recommend it to customers as a daily complementary treatment homework.


Shea Butter

-“African Gold” known for hundreds of years. Rich in vitamins A, E and F. It protects and strengthens intercellular cement of the stratum corneum, improving its elasticity. The fatty acid content virtually identical to those in the stratum corneum provides excellent tolerability and absorption through the skin.

Coconut Oil

-It moisturizes, promotes wound healing, and prevents the appearance of spots on the skin. Soothing skin diseases (eczema). Slows aging and delays the formation of wrinkles. Moisturizes, smoothes the skin.

Sweet almond Oil

-Contains approx. Of 70% oleic acid and 30% linoleic acid, which restores the lipid balance of the skin and thereby enhance its protective coat. Rich in B vitamins and vitamins A and E, which act against radicals. It contains proteins, minerals, calcium and magnesium. Moisturizes, regenerates, nourishes, smoothes and softens. Lightens skin and reduces irritation.

Babasu Oil

– Contains approx. Of 70% fat and rich in unsaturated fatty acids and linoleic acid .It softens the skin, making it soft and protects against harmful external factors.

Silhouette Refiner

– Combats excess body fat by doing three-stage: effectively reduces lipid accumulation in adipocytes, stimulates the breakdown of existing lipids, and prevents the formation of new ones. It prevents the absorption of fat into fat cells. Artichoke extract stimulates microcirculation of the skin and promotes the transport of liquefied triglycerides, fighting with edema and cellulite


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