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Rejuvenating Stem Cell Mask 15ml

Rejuvenating Stem Cell Mask 15ml


Your skin will love this rejuvenating and firming mask. Let organic grape stem cells work deeply
to reverse the aging process. The moisturizing properties of Amazonian clay will instantly refresh
and deeply hydrate. A patented botanical formula with Japanese seaweed extract works on
smoothing wrinkles and gives the skin a glowing appearance, instantly.


Apply a thin layer of the mask to clean face, neck, décolleté. Leave on for 10-20 minutes,
remove with water or warm towel.

++ Organic Grape Stem Cells – antioxidant, reverse the signs
of photo-aging, anti‑inflammatory, rejuvenating.
++ Polytensor™ – Oarweed, Chicory (fructan), Yeast, Hyaluronic acid, Anise.
Levulinic acid – reducing wrinkles, increasing collagen production, elasticises
++ Amazonian Clay – detoxifying, exfoliating, regenerating, nourishing, refreshing
++ Mg-60 corn syrup – moisturizing, soothing, protecting, smoothing
++ Orbignya cohune seed oil – softening, moisturizing, strengthening, firming
++ Jojoba oil – nourishing, moisturizing, regenerating, regulating sebum
++ Cocoa butter – regenerating, elasticises, firming, greasing, moisturizing,
increasing collagen production, fighting free radicals
++ Shea Butter – greases, prevents transepidermal water loss, regenerating, soothing,
brightening, protecting against free radicals, stimulating collagen production
++ Trehalose – Ergot of rye – reduces transepidermal water
loss, protecting, moisturizing, regenerating
++ Bitter orange – hydrolate – antiseptic, soothing, minimalizing acne,
regulating sebum, tonning, moisturizing, elasticises, anti‑aging


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