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Aloe Vera Algae Mask 500ml

Aloe Vera Algae Mask 500ml


This is a highly effective treatment for skin which is sensitive, irritated, dull, or dehydrated by exposure to sun. This organic blend is infused with potent Aloe Vera extract which will soothe, calm, and deeply hydrate tired or sensitive skin. It helps to reduce any irritation and protects against allergic conditions. Its active ingredients will visibly improve the skin’s natural firmness while building resistance against aging.


To further minimize redness of the skin and tighten blood cells, add 2-3 dozes of Organic Series Silencing Mask. This formula can be also placed on the eyelids and lips (only for clients who do not suffer from claustrophobia). Advice the client that the mask is cold to enhance its soothing effect. During the application a head and hands massage can be performed.


• Aloe Vera Extract
• Alginate



• Improves the skin’s natural firmness while building resistance against aging
• Highly soothing, moisturizing, anti-irritant, anti-inflammatory
• Protects against allergic conditions


Mix 1/4 cup of powder with 60ml of cold filtered water. Quickly spread the mask over the face and neck, including eyes and lips (check for claustrophobia) until smooth layer is created. Gently peel off after 15-20 minutes.


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