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Permanent Eyebrows


Semi permanent makeup & lip liner

performed by Pearl Abbatt



is a semi permanent method of creating natural looking hair strokes, to create or define eyebrows. Your first session is used to measure and map out your eyebrows then when both therapist and client are happy with design we begin the procedure using a tiny blade of needless to imprint the pigment into the skin using small strokes creating the hair effect. A three week healing process will see the colour fade down to a more natural looking brow and a top up appointment is required so we can perfect and add more hair strokes where needed.

This procedure

is typically lasts 1-2 years, depending on skin type and skincare routine. Investing an hour or two of your time can make you beautiful for years to come. The procedure is split into 2 appointments, which are 4-6 weeks apart to allow for the healing process to complete. The initial procedure will take from 60 to 90 minutes, and your second appointment takes from 30-60 minutes.

Is Microblading safe?

It is quite similar to hair stroke cosmetic tattoo (eyebrow tattoo) using the machine method, however the strokes are finer, and are not implanted as deeply in the skin. Therefore, cosmetic tattoo brows completed using microblade or microstroke technique are not as permanent.





 Price List 

  • Microblading, Powder, Ombre, Combination, HD  –  £300

  • Top lid eyeliner (thin) & lash enhancement line – £230

  • Lip line correction – £200

  • Lip line correction & blush – £250

  • Full lip colour – £300

Please Note:

  • A non refundable deposit of £50 will be require while book an appointment.

  • Consultation required (recommended minimum 48 hours before procedure)

  • Treatment are performed by Pearl Abbatt – fully qualified and licensed technician

Health & Safety

Your Safety is our priority and therefore all of the procedures for your safety are:

  • Performed under sterile conditions

  • The top of the line topical anaesthetics are used to minimise sensation and prevent swelling and bleeding so you can feel comfortable all the time.

  • Allergy patch-test is done at least 2 hours prior to the procedure.

  • All procedures are completely confidential.


  • What is permanent makeup? Permanent makeup, (also known as micro-pigmentation, semi-permanent makeup, and cosmetic tattooing), is a process by which specially formulated cosmetic pigments are implanted into the dermal layer of the skin.
  • Is permanent makeup a safe procedure? Yes! The procedures are only performed under sterile conditions. Only disposable needles are used. There are no long-term side effects; short-term effects may include some redness, swelling and tenderness. There are no known allergic reactions to pigments. Pigments used on the face are made of iron oxide and carbon based ingredients. These compounds are naturally present in the human body. Disposable sterile needles are opened right in front of you so you can rest assured you are in safe hands. Also surgical gloves and masks are used for each procedure. Strict sanitation and sterilization procedures are enforced to reduce the possibility of infection or contamination, but the client also has the responsibility of keeping the treated area clean while it’s healing.
  • Am I a candidate for permanent makeup? If you want to look your best 24 hours a day or if you want to free yourself of the time it takes you every day to apply make-up. You must be at least 18 years of age to get any kind of tattoo.
  • How long does permanent make-up last? Gradual fading can be expected for all micro-pigmentation procedures. This varies among individuals and is dependent on the specific shade used. The touch-ups are recommended between 12 and 36 months after treatment.
  • How long does the procedure take to complete? Including the consultation, paperwork, and numbing time, the average length of time for one procedure is approximately between 1 to 2.5 hours. Follow up procedures usually do not require as much time as the first initial application. The second application is usually l hour or less.
  • What are the pigments? Most cosmetic pigments, or micro-pigments, are made from a dry, powdery and insoluble substance. We use safe, coloring pigments that come in a variety of colors specially formulated with iron oxide, an ingredient safe for the skin; pigments made from organic ingredients, such as vegetables, have a high risk of carrying bacteria and causing allergic reactions.
  • What Can I Expect Immediately After My Procedure? You can expect some swelling and redness in the treated area. The swelling usually subsides within 48 hours. Your permanent make-up will appear darker, brighter and slightly thicker than how it will look after it heals.
  • When can I return to work? You can return to work immediately although there will be redness that is apparent, very slight swelling and the area treated will be scabby for at least a week.
  • When will I be able to see the results? Results are seen immediately although the full end result is seen in approximately 3 weeks. The color will have faded to the colour you had chosen and the scabs will be almost completely gone. You may need touch ups at this time.
  • I’m allergic to most makeup, especially eye makeup. Will permanent makeup be safe for me? Absolutely. Many women choose permanent eyeliner as the solution to their sensitive eyes. However, a patch test is recommended.
  • Will sun tanning affect my makeup? Exposure to ultraviolet from the sun or tanning booths is factors that may have an effect. Sun block on eyebrows, sunglasses for eyeliner, and SPF on lips will greatly prolong the effective life of your make-up.
  • Will it look natural? Yes. It will look more natural than your own conventional make-up. Unless you tell somebody you have had it applied, they’ll never know. Natural-looking hair strokes are created for brows, with natural age-defying shapes.
  • Are touch-ups necessary? Touch-ups are necessary with eyebrow and lip procedures; however, that all depends on many factors including how you care for your procedure, your unique body chemistry, the selected colour of your procedure, and so on. Your follow up appointment should be scheduled between 4-8 weeks after your procedure. Your first touch-up is free if it is scheduled within 4-6 weeks after your initial procedure. Subsequent touch-ups are subject to additional fees. To arrange please call reception on 02392861112 or directly with your therapist Charlotte.

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