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Cryolipolysis Fat Freeze


This non-invasive fat reduction treatment achieves visible results by freezing and breaking down fat cells located deep under the skin to reduce the amount of fat volume in the targeted area. This procedure can be used all over the body where excess fat tends to accumulate. It helps shed excess fat, allowing you to contour your body and lose inches fast. This is a safe and effective treatment to achieve defined curves and a streamlined shape. When you decide to use our non-invasive Fat Freeze procedure, you can still go about your day to day immediately after treatment.

Yes, this is safe, effective and permanent procedure!


Working Principle of Cryolipolysis Fat Freeze:

Using the feature that the triglycerides in fat will turn into solid under specified low temperature, cro body slimming machine transmit low temperature wave that is precisely controlled into appointed de-fatting position through noninvasive emitter. As a result, the targeted fatty cells begin to decompose and disappear naturally, making fat layers reduce little by little in the process of normal metabolism.





How cryolipolysis treatment freezes fat away? 



What areas cryolipolysis can treat:



Note: This treatment is perform by licenced and highly qualified cosmetologists. We use a latest technology (09/2018), medical grade equipment. This treatment are fully insured and approved by local authorities.



Note: if the patient does not control his weight using exercises and diet, new areas of fat will be formed. That is why it is recommended to change the lifestyle and culinary habits.



Price list:


0% interest finance available!  Click here for online calculator

Treatment time length is aprox 60 min – 90min

For certain areas like the thighs, we have dual applicators that can treat both left and right sides simultaneously.

It’s recommended up to 3 treatments for each area to obtain the desired results.





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